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Since 1940, the Muriel G. Bell company has produced a high quality night cream which is used around the world by those who wish to keep their skin soft, youthfully fresh and beautiful. 

Our best night cream is comprised of only the best ingredients available in the marketplace and was developed and formulated to help both young and old maintain healthy, radiant skin throughout their lives. 

The luxurious night cream that the Muriel G. Bell company has developed contains its own special benefits which is soothing and comforting for those with mature skin or those suffering from different types of dry skin conditions. 

For those with mild, moderate or severely dry skin, there are many contributing factors for which our best night cream should be used on a daily basis. They include aging, stress, health conditions, poor diet, and even harsh soap.  Also environmental factors such as hot and cold weather, low humidity or exposure to the sun and the wind, even air conditioning and heating can cause dry skin. 

If your skin is dry, crepey or you have wrinkles, fine lines, laugh lines, crow's feet or your skin is sunburned, wind burned or chapped, our best night cream will soothe, soften and help you to have younger looking skin.

There are many night creams on the market as you know but from what our clients tell us, our night cream is among the very best, in both quality and measured results. Some of our clients have used our night cream for dry skin and other skin conditions for over 60 years. (Please read some testimonials from our valued clients). 

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Our best night cream carries a 90-day money back guarantee which we have honored ever since we started the company in 1940.

Replenish your dry skin today.with Muriel G. Bell's best night cream!

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