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Facial Cleanser

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Facial Cleanser

Do you have (are you bothered by) combination skin (oily and dry areas)? oily skin? or acne?

Cleansing with soap is not the answer but a gentle soapless emollient cleanser is.

Our Facial Cleanser lathers like soap, but cleanses deeper than soap. Its luscious soft lather reaches into the very depths of the tiny pore openings and cleanses with gentle thoroughness, revealing the sparkling beauty and comfort of a truly clean skin. There are no scrubbing “beads” or “granules” which can irritate sensitive skin. It lathers freely in hard water and is refreshing to use.  It rinses completely out of your pores, is non-drying, leaving your skin soft, clean and without that “tight” feeling so often felt after washing with soap or other cleansers. It refines and shrinks coarse pores. (When cleansing daily with Facial Cleanser the pores loose their distended appearance and gradually shrink to normal.) Muriel Bell Facial Cleanser gives noticeable relief to youthful problem skin with blemishes. Its penetrating action rids the skin of all impurities… and rinses off-and-out completely!

With combination skin, cleansing the dry areas with our Muracream (either wiping it off or rinsing it off with warm water) and cleansing your oily areas (i.e. nose or cheeks etc.,) with our foaming Facial Cleanser is the perfect answer, regardless of your age.

For youthful (or older) clients with predominately oily skin, Facial Cleanser will remove the oiliness without drying out your skin.

For acne prone skin, (teenagers or folks in their twenties) cleansing with gentle Facial Cleanser cleans deep into the tissues without drying out the skin.

Used on a washcloth in the shower it will help reduce acne on the back or chest. It is the most gentle and deepest facial or body wash available. Remember... NO SOAP!

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