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User since 1950

I'm 75 years old!






. . . . . . can you believe what you've done for me? I will be 79 in November!
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Muracream - 4 ozMuracream - 4 oz
Emollient CreamEmollient Cream
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"I'm 88, married to the same man  for 70 years!  On Wednesday, I was at the shopping mall and a stranger  walked up to me and said, 'you're so beautiful, I wat to take your picture.'    I give all of the credit to your emollient cream.  I've used it since 1954 and I can't live without it"  . . . L.W. in TX . . . 2/15..

We have been awarded the coveted
"Best in Westcliffe" Award
for the fourth consecutive year!

I haven't put soap on my face since 1972, when I met Muriel.  I'm 92, but my hair-dresser says I look 70! ...RB. in NY, 3/1218

I haven't put soap on my face since 1972, when I met Muriel.   I'm 92, but my hair-dresser says I look 70!  . . . RB. in NY

" I love the Muracream and Emollient-X.  My face never felt so moisturized.  Can't wait to try the hand and body lotion." ...L.K. in WA

I started using your products in March, 1954 right after my first daughter was born and I've used them ever since!  Now, I'm 87 and I still get complimented on my skin.  L.W. in TX

" I've used your products for over 60 years, and people still comment on how good my skin looks --  even though now I am an old lady!  Thank you." . . . D.S. in MA

Yay!!!!  I received my products today.  They're really nice!" . . . T.M. in PA

" I love the Muracream and Emollient-X.  My face never felt so moisturized.  Can't wait to try the hand and body lotion." . . .L.K. in WA

[After talking about Hurricane Sandy]  "I remember watching the 1938 hurricane.  Of course it was not until the 195o's that I started using Muriel Bell Products.  I've been using them ever since.  I still love them!"  . . . I.L. in CN

" Thank you so much for making Muriel Bell products! I have literally been using them all of my life! They are absolutely THE BEST SKIN PRODUCTS OUT THERE!...Thank you for all you do and thank you for your personal kindness." . . . C.M. in TX

"I have used Muriel Bell Products since I was 19 (1942) when I baby-sat [the current president of
Muriel G. Bell, Inc.]!   I am now 89 and no one will believe I'm that old .  I believe it is all due to  Muracream, Emollient-X and Emollient Cream!"  . . .  P.L.  in CO

" . . . I would use ALL your products over anything else.  Your lotions are the very best!  I just love them! ". . . TX

(From a grand-daughter of the founder)  "Hi, ______,.  I'm calling to let you know that I have been using that cream daily and I have seen a marked change.  It is absolutely working beautifully.  I'm so glad to see this happen like this!  It is just as great great as Dad said it was and I don't think I've ever needed it as badly as I do now.  So anyway, I'm calling to order a few more things." . . .    Oregon

(From a new customer) (a gentleman)  I'm in my 30's and I get the worst razor rash when I shave.  Muracream is the first product that works . . .  MI.

"I am a new customer.  This is my first reorder.  Love your products!  I wish I had found these products sooner.  I hate to think of all of the dollars I spent on other products.  I will be telling all of my friends (about you)!"  . . . CA 

"I like the fact that there is no mineral oil or glycerin in your products . . ."  NJ (from a Cosmetic Chemist)

". . . I'm 92 years old and Muriel Bell has been very good to me." . . . CA

" . . .Muriel's products certainly are excellent and my skin and I are so glad you have maintained the business.  At 91, my skin -- if nothing else -- looks better than anybody's!". . . NYC

"Thanks for 35 years of great service and wonderful products.”. . . Texas 

"So glad to find such wonderful products and to know they do not contain glycerin or mineral oil!" . . . Illinois   

"Muracream is far superior to anything else I have ever used!" . . .Wash. DC 

“You may move to Colorado but don’t you ever dare to close shop.  My skin is sensitive and I need you!”. . . Massachusetts  

“My complexion is still as young looking and good as when I was young and my skin feels good and young.” . . . Texas

"I don't know how I ever lived without your products." . . . S.D.

"Makes my skin feel like my two-year-old's." . . . S.C.

“It’s the only thing that’s helped my sunburn!” . . . Colorado 

“I’m so thankful my friend introduced me to your products.  It’s wonderful to have  products that actually do what they say they will do!". . . Illinois  

"Your lanolin products are so soothing! ". . . Tennessee

"I'm one of your oldest customers...since the 1940's ...but I see there are some older than I."  . . . Florida

“A few times I’ve been tempted to try others, but always come scurrying right back. They are the best!” . . .  Oklahoma 

“So pleased with your products in this dry climate!” . . . Arizona  

“Thank you for your coupon and your speedy deliveries.  I really truly appreciate the non-greasy pure goodness of Muriel Bell products as well as its lovely scent!  I hope my daughter will be able to use it as I have used it from childhood to adulthood.” . . . Texas 

“I just love your products!” . . . Colorado 

"Muracream certainly simplifies skin care!" . . . New York

“I’m so glad I found you again after ‘losing’ you many years ago!  There is nothing else like yours!” . . . New York 

“Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!” . . . California 

“Please send them right away – I’m running out and can’t find anything else – They are so good!” . . . Louisiana  

“Thank you for solving my Christmas gift dilemma! I give them to all my family and friends.” . . . New Jersey 

“Thank you for having fragrance free products . . .  Yours are the best!". . . Florida 

"I have used Muriel Bell since 1950 and I have no wrinkles!" . . . Oregon

"Your lanolin products are so soothing! ". . . Tennessee

"I feel like a new woman since using Muriel Bell." . . . Georgia

"I'm a distributor for _________Cosmetic Company, but when asked what I use, I tell them 'Muriel Bell' skin care products."  . . . Nevada 

"I just love the products! I wish I had found these products sooner and hate to  think of all the $$ I spent on other products.  I 'm telling all my friends. "   Signed, " A very happy customer!". . . California

"I can't remember how long I've been using your products. I'm 69 . . ." 



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