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I'm 75 years old!






. . . . . . can you believe what you've done for me? I will be 79 in November!
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Muracream - 4 ozMuracream - 4 oz
Emollient CreamEmollient Cream
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"I'm 88, married to the same man  for 70 years!  On Wednesday, I was at the shopping mall and a stranger  walked up to me and said, 'you're so beautiful, I wat to take your picture.'    I give all of the credit to your emollient cream.  I've used it since 1954 and I can't live without it"  . . . L.W. in TX . . . 2/15..

In 2013,
We were awarded the coveted
"Best in Westcliffe" Award
for the fourth consecutive year!

I haven't put soap on my facie since1972, when I met Muriel.  I'm 92, but amy hair-dresser says I look 70! ...RB. in NY, 3/1218

I haven't put soap on my face since 1972, when I met Muriel.   I'm 92, but my hair-dresser says I look 70!  . . . RB. in NY, 3/2018.

" I love the Muracream and Emollient-X.  My face never felt so moisturized.  Can't wait to try the hand and body lotion." ...L.K. in WA, 2/1213

I started using your products in March, 1954 right after my first daughter was born and I've used them ever since!  Now, I'm 87 and I still get complimented on my skin.  L.W. in TX . . . 10/14.

" I've used your products for over 60 years, and people still comment on how good my skin looks --  even though now I am an old lady!  Thank you." . . . D.S. in MA, 7/1213

Yay!!!!  I received my products today.  They're really nice!" . . . T.M. in PA . . . 3/13.

" I love the Muracream and Emollient-X.  My face never felt so moisturized.  Can't wait to try the hand and body lotion." ...L.K. in WA, 2/1213

[After talking about Hurricane Sandy]  "I remember watching the 1938 hurricane.  Of course it was not until the 195o's that I started using Muriel Bell Products.  I've been using them ever since.  I still love them!"  . . . I.L. in CN . . . 11/12.

" Thank you so much for making Muriel Bell products! I have literally been using them all of my life! They are absolutely THE BEST SKIN PRODUCTS OUT THERE!...Thank you for all you do and thank you for your personal kindness." ...C.M. in TX, 10/1212

"I have used Muriel Bell Producs since I was 19 (1942) when I baby-sat [the current president of
Muriel G. Bell, Inc.]!   I am now 89 and no one will believe I'm that old .  I believe it is all due to  Muracream, Emollient-X and Emollient Cream!"  . . .  P.L.   in CO . . . 10/12.

" . . . I would use ALL your products over anything else.  Your lotions are the very best!  I just love them! ". . . TX -- 5/12

(From a grand-daughter of the founder)  "Hi, ______,.  I'm calling to let you know that I have been using that cream daily and I have seen a marked change.  It is absolutely working beautifully.  I'm so glad to see this happen like this!  It is just as great great as Dad said it was and I don't think I've ever needed it as badly as I do now.  So anyway, I'm calling to order a few more things." . .    Oregon -- 2/12

(From a new customer) (a gentleman)  I'm in my 30's and I get the worst razor rash when I shave.  Muracream is the first product that works . . .  MI.

"I am a new customer.  This is my first reorder.  Love your products!  I wish I had found these product sooner.  I hate to think of all of the dollars I spent on other products.  I will be telling all of my friends (about you)!"  . . . CA 

"I like the fact that there is no Mineral Oil or glycerin in your products . . ."  NJ (from a Cosmetic Chemist)

". . . I'm 92 years old and Muriel Bell has been very good to me." . . . CA

" . . .Muriel's products certainly are excellent and my skin and me are so glad you have maintained the business.  At 91, my skin -- if nothing else -- looks better than anybody's!". . . NYC

"Thanks for 35 years of great service and wonderful products.”. . . Texas 

"So glad to find such wonderful products and to know they do not contain glycerin or mineral oil!" . . . Illinois   

"Muracream is far superior to anything else I have ever used!" . . .Wash. DC 

“You may move to Colorado but don’t you ever dare to close shop.  My skin is sensitive and I need you!”. . . Massachusetts  

“My complexion is still as young looking and good as when I was young and my skin feels good and young.” . . . Texas

"I don't know how I ever lived without your products." . . . S.D.

"Makes my skin feel like my two-year-old's." . . . S.C.

“It’s the only thing that’s helped my sunburn!” . . . Colorado 

“I’m so thankful my friend introduced me to your products.  It’s wonderful to have  products that actually do what they say they will do!". . . Illinois  

"Your lanolin products are so soothing! ". . . Tennessee

"I'm one of your oldest customers...since the 1940's ...but I see there are some older than I."  . . . Florida

“A few times I’ve been tempted to try others, but always come scurrying right back. They are the best!” . . .  Oklahoma 

“So pleased with your products in this dry climate!” . . . Arizona  

“Thank you for your coupon and your speedy deliveries.  I really truly appreciate the non-greasy pure goodness of Muriel Bell products as well as its lovely scent!  I hope my daughter will be able to use it as I have used it from childhood to adulthood.” . . . Texas 

“I just love your products!” . . . Colorado 

"Muracream certainly simplifies skin care!" . . . New York

“I’m so glad I found you again after ‘losing’ you many years ago!  There is nothing else like yours!” . . . New York 

“Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!” . . . California 

“Please send them right away – I’m running out and can’t find anything else – They are so good!” . . . Louisiana  

“Thank you for solving my Christmas gift dilemma! I give them to all my family and friends.” . . . New Jersey 

“Thank you for having fragrance free products . . .  Yours are the best!". . . Florida 

"I have used Muriel Bell since 1950 and I have no wrinkles!" . . . Oregon

"Your lanolin products are so soothing! ". . . Tennessee

"I feel like a new woman since using Muriel Bell." . . . Georgia

"I'm a distributor for _________Cosmetic Company, but when asked what I use, I tell them 'Muriel Bell' skin care products."  . . . Nevada 

"I just love the products! I wish I had found these products sooner and hate to  think of all the $$ I spent on other products.  I 'm telling all my friends. "   Signed, " A very happy customer!". . . California

"I can't remember how long I've been using your products. I'm 69 . . ." 
CM TX...2/12



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