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Emollient CreamEmollient Cream
Muracream - 4 ozMuracream - 4 oz

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Emollient-X  moisturizer  gives
Instant relief for severe, mature dry skin.

“You may move to Colorado but don’t you ever dare to close shop. My skin is sensitive and I need you!” 

                          . . . Massachusetts


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Our Emollient-X Moisturizer is a silky blend of natural safflower oil and grape seed oil, anti-oxidant vitamin E and hypoallergenic lanolin compounded with purified water. Because lanolin absorbs 27 percent of its weight in water, it brings this purified water into your skin. It quenches thirsty, severe dry skin instantly since lanolin is one of the best moisturizers known to cosmetic science!  Since our entire skin care line is mineral-oil-free and glycerin-free, there’s not a trace of greasy residue and our products are fully absorbed.. This makes them  wonderful for night time and day time moisturizing. We especially recommend Emollient-X for those over 30! 
Sooooo . . . within a few short days, this anti-aging skin care moisturizer helps maturing skin become softer, younger looking skin!   

To experience the greatest benefits from Emollient-X, prepare your skin first with a proper deep cleansing to remove toxins and waste products. We suggest that you use our Muracream cleanser which will provide emollience and moisture as it cleans and conditions.  (Also it may be rinsed off with warm water and a face cloth if you desire. You can even exfoliate your skin with Muracream if you use it on a damp wash cloth.) Never use any kind of soap on your face.  Soap is drying and will never rinse completely away (note the ring around the bath tub).  It will plug up your pores, enlarging them and altering the protective pH of your skin, actually inhibiting healthy skin.

In the morning, for the best daily moisturizing of your skin,  just a few drops of Emollient-X on your severe dry skin (we even include an individual measurer with your order) will smooth and prepare the way for the comfortable application of cosmetics.  Less than 1/8 teaspoon provides all-day anti-aging protection from the elements.  If you use a sun screen, put Emollient-X on first and then apply your sun screen.
At bedtime, a light application will continue to soothe, soften and provide moisture throughout the night for younger looking skin.
Our 2.3-ounce plastic bottle lasts most users up to three months (and it’s perfect for travel). 

If you’re looking for relief from severe dry skin; fine lines, laugh lines and wrinkles; the crepey neck of more mature skin, or chapped, wind burned or sunburned skin give Emollient-X a try!  Both Muracream and Emollient-X  and our rich Emollient Cream come to you with our 90-day money back guarantee!  We've maintained this same guarantee since 1940!

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